Lili Bita’s Women of Fire and Blood

Author Lili Bita Reimagines the Women of Antiquity

In her new book,author Lili Bita reimagines Medea, Helen of Troy, and other archetypal heroines of antiquity through a modern feminist sensibility. Like an oracle, Bita releases the voices of these women in Women of Fire and Blood (Somerset Hall Press, 2007). Her poems, with their lyric directness and force and their powerful erotic candor, are a distinctive addition to the work of one of today's most important Greek poets.

Author and actress, Greek-born Lili Bita has published more than a dozen volumes of fiction and verse, and has performed classical and modern theater on three continents. Her work has been translated into several languages and has been widely anthologized, and she has held residencies and offered master classes at leading American universities. Lili Bita has also published her memoir, Sister of Darkness, the powerful story of a woman’s journey of self-discovery and personal liberation. Bita recently received a Leeway Foundation Social Change Grant to support production of a dramatized version of her memoir as a one-woman show in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Please visit for more information about the author.

Lili Bita has been widely praised. The legendary Anais Nin wrote: “Lili Bita transcends the individual woman. Her experiences, love or hatred, birth or death, ecstasy or despair, become universal.” Bestselling author Nuala O’Faolain stated: “[Bita’s memoir] Sister of Darkness is an unforgettable tale of madness and endurance.” More information about Lili Bita and this book is available at and