Vassiliki Rapti, Transitorium – Praise from award-winning Greek poet Elsa Korneti

(Translated from Greek by Julia J. Dubnoff)

Poetry that combines life’s playfulness and existential seriousness; here, the toughness of stone, of matter, as well as the mistiness of the dreams that permeate it coexist. A poetry that draws its strength from the depth of words that constitute entire worlds as their most unexpected meaning comes to light, a meaning that often eludes today’s superficial person. Refulgent or muted, yet always elegant, Transitorium’s logos bring forth the range of a poetic glance that delves dynamically and elegantly into the most inaccessible grammatological areas, winks at the competent reader, and invites him/her to join in a descent into the deeper layers of emotion. It is a descent that offers enjoyment of poetic language both modern and so ancient, direct and sharp, with a palpable range of colors, and a phrasing and pace that ward off the intellectual danger which might threaten the autonomy of the art of poetry. It is a poetry that responds to the dilemma ‘traditional or modern?’ and to the general aesthetic impasses of our time in a most original and artistically effective way.