The Golden Anthology: Writings of John C. Papademetriou, A Greek-American Soldier in Korea (1947-1951)

Dean Papademetriou, Editor

ISBN 978-0-972466-10-3

About the Book

The Golden Anthology offers an illuminating glimpse into a pivotal but little-known time in American history – before and during the Korean War – as seen through the eyes of John Papademetriou, a Greek-American immigrant. He grew up in Greece during World War II, and was imprisoned as a boy in a forced labor camp. After arriving in the United States, he enlisted in the United States Army during the Korean War, and served in the medical corps with the 9th Regiment of the 2nd Division. He was killed in action on the front lines in 1951, while heroically tending to a fellow wounded soldier.

The Golden Anthology collects John’s idealistic and patriotic poems, essays, letters home, and brief autobiography that tell about his life in Greece and the United States, the Korean War, patriotism, philosophy, love, and other topics.

Praise for the Book

“As we think of John, we must wonder what contributions he would have made had he not died while serving our Republic. He was a true hero who died while trying to rescue a fellow wounded soldier. He shall live on through his writings.” -- Congressman and Veteran Mike Bilirakis