Thought and Faith: Comparative Philosophical and Religious Concepts In Ancient Greece, India, and Christianity

Vassilis Vitsaxis

ISBN 978-1-935244-03-5 (2 volume set)

Volume 1: Revelation, Redemption-Salvation, Time, and the Triadic Approach to the Godhead

In the first volume, philosopher Vassilis Vitsaxis expertly compares the philosophical and religious concepts of Revelation, Redemption, Time, and the Triadic or Trinitarian Approach to the Godhead and describes how they were thought of by the philosophers of Greece in the Presocratic and Classical eras; the mystics and seers of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism; and later by Christian theologians.

Volume 2: The Concept of Divinity

In the second volume, Dr. Vitsaxis discusses the concept of Godhead or divinity – including its nature, its substance, and its cosmological role – according to Ancient Greek, Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian philosophers and theologians. With an extensive bibliography and a glossary of Sanskrit terms and names, Thought and Faith is a valuable resource.

Praise for the Book

“To many readers the ensemble of issues that move the thought and the pen of Dr. Vitsaxis will be an outright revelation, while to those interested in questions of comparative religion these two volumes will constitute a valuable source of reliable information.”
Pandelis Paschos, University of Athens

“The deep knowledge Dr. Vitsaxis possesses of the philosophical and religious concepts touched upon in his voluminous book Thought and Faith allows him to proceed to critical evaluations that render this work a very valuable scientific contribution and a classical reference book.”
Evangelos Moutsopoulos, University of Athens

About the Author

Vassilis Vitsaxis, philosopher, writer, poet, and diplomat, has written numerous literary and philosophical works that have been published in many European and Asian languages, and that have received awards from the Academy of Athens and the French Academy. He is a corresponding member of the Academy of Letters (Russia) and the Academy of Letters and Sciences (India), and has also received honorary degrees from the University of Athens and the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. In addition, he served as ambassador of Greece to the United Nations, United States, and many other countries.