The Storm Rider: A Memoir

Lili Bita
With Robert Zaller

ISBN 978-1-935244-10-3

“I promised you at that moment an eternal and unconditional love ... It is a debt I am still trying to pay.”

About the Book

This is Lili Bita’s sequel to her highly-acclaimed memoir Sister of Darkness. Written as a letter to her son, a talented but troubled young man who dies from the complications of a tragic hang-gliding accident, it unflinchingly describes his life and legacy and her own journey through trauma and grief.

Praise for The Storm Rider

"It is rare for a professor to learn the life story of one of his former students, especially one so admired ... More than a biography, Lili Bita's memoir of her son is a brutally honest confession, making for a tale that is both sorrowful and inspirational."
Jack Loomis, Professor of Psychology, Emeritus
University of California at Santa Barbara

"Lili Bita has more power to tell the truth than even the Greek classics of drama and poetry . . . She is Electra herself."
Jane Augustine, poet and scholar
Author of A Woman's Guide to Mountain Climbing

About the Author

Actress and author, Greek-born Lili Bita has published more than a dozen volumes of fiction, verse, and memoir, and has performed classical and modern theater on three continents. Her work has been widely translated and anthologized, and she has held residencies and offered master classes at many leading American universities. For more information, visit