The Neon Suitcase

Poems by Penelope Karageorge

ISBN 978-1-935244-12-7

Praise for The Neon Suitcase

"Ravished by life and its ineluctable mortality, Karageorge knows and shows what it feels like to be a daughter of Persephone … Whoever picks up this incandescent suitcase of poems is in for an unforgettable trip."
George Economou
Author of Ananios of Kleitor

"Neon Suitcase is a subtle and not so subtle thrill ride through what poetry can do. Eros, Memory, Loss, Love, Exile, and through it all, Greece, New York, Cuba, India, Paris, LA, films, we are swirled, taken up and taken apart. Her language is breathless, imaginative, locomotive, and, in almost every poem, surprising."
Veronica Golos
Author of Vocabulary of Silence and Root Work, co-editor of the Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art, and poetry editor of the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion

"With its freewheeling mash-up of Greek island and Manhattan island, the stylish Neon Suitcase is Penelope Karageorge’s latest volume of sassy but serious poems. Sometimes surreally lyrical, sometimes telling poignant tales, these poems that move between mythology and contemporary life also move us as readers–and amuse us, too. The dilemmas of travel, Karageorge reminds us, display the quirks of our inner Odysseys. At once classy and classical, Neon Suitcase is the perfect carry-on and Karageorge, a sensuous, wise travelling companion, may carry you away."
Molly Peacock
Author of Alphabetique: 26 Characteristic Fictions

About the Author

Penelope Karageorge, a journalist, novelist, prize-winning poet, is a Manhattanite with wide-ranging literary interests. She takes her cues from the city to write frequently about personalities, the arts, and popular culture. A first-generation Greek-American, she wrote many of the poems in The Neon Suitcase in her stone house on the Greek island of Lemnos. She is director of The Greek-American Writers Association.