Poems by Vassiliki Rapti

ISBN 978-1-935244-13-4

Praise for Transitorium

"The poems of Vassiliki Rapti … are appropriate for a kind of music of modern syncopated rhythms. Their diversity is their charm since they can be read also with their own particular minimal music. This poetry is both Alexandrian in the epigraphic style and graphic in the modernist style. Their appearance is their content, humorous and playful. A pleasure to read."
Nanos Valaoritis
Author of My Afterlife Guaranteed

"Here the shade of Seferis’s searching voice is channeled through Rapti’s witty and genuinely inventive recasting, as the lost inscrutable face becomes the lineaments of poetry … Instructive fragments that might also serve as the ars poetica for this beautiful book. Seeds for the ancient drama to sprout anew."
George Kalogeris
Author of Dialogos: Paired Poems in Translation

"Resonating between art and life, continuously questioning and enjoying their wonderful interplay, Vassiliki Rapti’s poetry is exciting, dangerous, dream-like, at moments breath-taking. And yet it is a living text, emerging out of human contact, prompted by collaboration and communication. It comes into existence not only through lasting aesthetic preoccupations—with its refined irony and charming iconoclasm—but also through surrealist games, translation colloquia, and a shared love for poetry."
Vladimir Boskovic
Emerson College and Harvard University

About the Author

Vassiliki Rapti is Preceptor in Modern Greek at Harvard University and the author of Ludics in Surrealist Theatre and Beyond (Ashgate, 2013) and two previous poetry collections. Her poems have appeared in various literary journals, including Levure Littéraire, Poeticanet, Poetix, Journal of Creative Work, and Eliot Review. She is co-chair of the Ludics Seminar of the Harvard Mahindra Humanities Center and founder of the Advanced Training in Greek Poetry Translation and Performance Workshop at Harvard.