Lili Bita’s Women of Fire and Blood

In her new book,author Lili Bita reimagines Medea, Helen of Troy, and other archetypal heroines of antiquity through a modern feminist sensibility. more.

Lili Bita interviewed about Sister of Darkness

Greek island life, especially Greek island life in the years before the 2nd World War, doesn't provide much of an opportunity for a young girl to experience the many adventures that call out to her heart. more.

Somerset Hall Press announces publication of book of writings of a Greek-American soldier in Korea

A new book describes the experiences, in his own words, of John C. Papademetriou, a Greek-American immigrant and a U.S. soldier who was killed while serving bravely in Korea. The book is entitled, The Golden Anthology: Writings of John C. Papademetriou, a Greek-American Soldier in Korea (1947-1951). more.